Urushigura (lacquered warehouse) Museum Urushigura (lacquered warehouse) Museum

Urushigura (lacquered warehouse) MuseumとはAbout

A town of historical warehouse, Masuda. It is the best destination of a trip that seeks romance. Urushigura, directly translated, lacquered warehouse, is a precious place that you can learn history of Sato Yosuke Shoten, and enjoy inaniwa udon.
In Urushigura Museum, you can enjoy various services such as restaurant, souvenir, and learning history. The lacquered warehouse inside of this building is a very valuable structure. We will take you to romance of history in this mellow space.


Lunch Menu

Our recommendation

We serve you special dishes that you can have only in here.
I hope you will enjoy inaniwa udon, and feel romance of history.

  • Urushigra Museum Special Dim Sum

    We decorated seasonal ingredients in form of dim sum.
    Only 20 servings for a day. (Reservation 1 day prior is required)
  • We can take off doors between individual rooms so that you can have a party of 18 people.
    We can make dishes for celebration within your budgets upon your request. Feel free to contact us.
    Menu on this website is just a part of a whole menu.
    You can use here not only lunch and dinner, but also business settings and party.
    Private rooms are available.
    Reservation on the day is possible. Feel free to contact us.


  • Chef's Choice

    3,240 yen~
    We will serve you seasonal seafood and vegetables taken in Akita.
    Feel free to contact us. We will prepare courses based on your budget and request.
    Courses may differ from the picture
    Depending on a buying situation, menu may differ.
    A reservation 1 day prior is required.
  • Kiritampo Pot

  • Kaiseki Course for This Month

    Feel free to contact us. We will prepare courses based on your budget and request.
    Course shown in the picture is for funeral dinner (6,480yen/ Reservation is required).


Museum of History

You can learn history of Inaniwa Udon, and Sato Family

Restaurant YOUSHINAN

Enjoy Inaniwa Udon in this romantic setting

Souvenir Shop KURAZOU

Inaniwa udon and goods produced in Akita is available.


This place is open for free.