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Sato Yosuke HibiyaとはAbout

As a branch of Sato Yosuke Ginza, Sato Yosuke Hibiya preserves a taste that has been handed down from father to son, and serve you the same taste that you can have in Inaniwa Village, Akita. The restaurant has a calm and cozy design that imitates flagship restaurant in Akita. Escape from a crowded big city, and enjoy and relax in here.

At dinner, you can enjoy both Innnaniwa Udon, seasonal Akita dishes, and sake from Akita. Taste four seasons' of Akita in Hibiya. In a souvenir shop, we have Innaniwa Udon that only available at directly operated restaurant. Feel free to stop by to get summer gift and winter gift.


Set Menu for Dinner

  • Oyako-Don, A Bowl of Rice Topped with Hinai Chicken Eggs and Meat and Inaniwa Udon Dip in Soy Source Bases Soup

    1,700 yen
    Hinai Chicken is used in all of meat, eggs and stock. Enjoy deep flavor of Hinai Chicken and flavor of charcoal.
    Salad and soup come together. Choose cold or hot Inaniwa Udon.
  • A Set of Temdon, A Bowl of Rice Topped with Fries, and Udon

    1,700 yen
    A bit luxury temdon that uses seasonal vegetables and two big shrimps.
    A salad and a soup come together. Choose from cold Inaniwa Udon, Inaniwa Udon in a hot soup, or Inaniwa Udon in a cold soup.

Bamboo plate

  • Dipping Cold Inaniwa Udon into Two Kings of Soups Soy Source and Sesame Miso Soup (Soy Source Based Soup or Sesame Soy Source Based Soup)

  • Dipping Cold Inaniwa Udon into Two Kinds of Soups, with Tempura


Warm bowl

  • Pickled Plum

  • Tempura


Akita's Traditional Dishes

  • Japanese Omelets of Hinai Chicken

    Japanese omelets that use rare eggs of Hinai chicken.
  • Grill of Soy Source Flavored 700yen
    Miso Flavored Kiritampo 800yen

    Kiritampo that has a good aroma of charcoal and miso and soy source.

  • Iburigakko Pickles 460 yen
    Hydrocele 480 yen
    A Set of Gakko Pickles 650yen

  • A Marine of Junsai

    Junsai, a young leaf of water shield that grows wildly. It has a jerry-like texture.
  • Yum and Tomburi

    Tomburi is a fruit of goosefoot. It is called a caviar of land because of its dark green and the pop-like texture.
  • Hatahata Fish

    the current price
    Hatahata fish is Akita's prefectural fish. Its season is December when the sea is very rough and the thunder happens. Its egg is called buriko, which has a pop-like texture.

Garden Salad

  • Garden Salad with Pickled Plum

    750 yen
  • Garden Salad with Seafood